Sunday, 2018 July 29

File this one under “ran out of time” again.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Chao log, the format is loosely structured around a recording and posting schedule. So that noise is produced and logged once a week. typically on Sundays. In the instances where the product of the process is not “finished” or in other words, still kind of crappy, it is worked and reworked until the start of the business day on the day following the recording date. At that time, whatever state the composition is in, turdly or not, it is posted. This is one of those instances.

Saturday, 2018 July 07

Today’s post is bought to you by …

I.L.G. – Selling your body’s chemicals after you die.


Li’l Sweetheart Cupcakes, a subsidiary of I.L.G.

Co-produced in cooperation with Untermyer Park Studios, CT, USSA.

Here is the executive summary:

Monday, 2018 June 11

Due to an unexpected attack by deranged virus stricken malfunctioning fecal processing robo drones, a sudden retreat was necessary this week.

This post is quick and dirty. Made from a single mobile device and repetitious re working of the same material. Live to disk, repeat with last recording as the next primary source.

The most bled through mucky version was multitracked with the previous 3 iterations and saturated with post effects further still.

It sounds like poop, mostly. But the inspiration came from the moronic robotic shit eater that forced us from the previous position in the first place.

Sunday, 2018 June 3

There would be more work applied to the file in this post if time allowed. This serves as a reminder that when your allotted time is up, your track is posted. Even if the work is not finished. Thus sayeth the lord, Jeebus. Especially if the work is not finished. Thus chimes in an angry, spiteful and petty G-d.

Lousy G-d.