Friday, 2018 April 13

Part 2 of the Untermyer Park Studios Sessions.  Recorded 2018 March 23.  Wilton, CT.  US of Murica.

Bass guitar stylings by Lonnie Johnson

Sunday, 2018 April 1

“Darrr, he’ll be dancing for hours!”

Sunday, 2018 March 25

Untermyer Park Studios, Wilton, CT
Untermyer Park Studios, Wilton, CT

Recorded Friday, 2018 March 23 at Untermyer Park Studios, Wilton, CT.

Synthesizers by Lonnie “Go Like the Pros” Johnson.

Sunday, 2018 March 18

Sunday, 2018 March 04

All the kids in Springfield are S.O.B’s

Sunday, 2018 February 25

Recorded in real time, 2 passes. Tracks A and B then superimposed and rendered with minimal post processing.

Sunday, 2018 February 18

This track sucks. The beats that come in at around 15 minutes suck. The rig with all of the non beat tracks bussed to aux and side chain compression applied does not suck. That should have been accomplished 22 to 24 years ago already.

Monday, 2018 February 12

This was produced yesterday… multi track composition. After all the issues with digital audio recently, it was decided to double down and acquire the latest version / full blown license of a particular branded application… Now it appears as if the computing device currently employed has issues working with 48k 32bit audio.

The torture never stops.

Tuesday, 2018 February 06

Ran out of time. Posting the product of the process each week. Sometimes it does not work out.

Three single pass, live recordings multi tracked in digital audio workstation software. 1 effect applied to each channel plus 2 tracks each with a short bit from 1 of the audio recording tracks (10 to 20 seconds approx.). Each clip converted to midi data and looped. Midi effects applied and audio effects put on 2 return tracks…

..and after all that, in the bin it goes…

Tuesday, 2018 January 30

This project file became corrupted. After too much time and no more methods left to try to resuscitate, it was pronounced dead. The project’s organs were then free to be harvested.

Eventually, this track was made from whatever could be salvaged from the eyes, teeth and genitalia extracted from the diseased project files.

Vocal samples are not of interest around here lately, but the the ones added to the track at the last minute seemed funny at the time. Now not so much.